Miss Quinceañera USA arises from the need to ensure that the Latin-American youth maintain our deeply cherished tradition of the QUINCEAÑERA. For this purpose, Quinceañera DC is our official sponsor, and it will be the means through which we will communicate with the community by handing out 5000 free copies of the magazine in the metropolitan area and Miami. This way our contestants and misses become spokespersons of this tradition, proving that Latin-American women have a lot to offer to the world.

Miss Quinceañera USA’s primary mission is to find young ladies, in the ages thirteen and seventeen, to represent Latin-American women in the Hispanic tradition of the quinceañera. This means great commitment towards the Hispanic community as they each represent their country of origin, and the handling of healthy competition and the work done on self-value.


Through the support of Sponsors, Charitable Organizations, Community and Social Entities, the participants will be directly involved with the Hispanic community in the United States, thus strengthening the language and distinctive customs and traditions, and contributing to the community from their own life experience.



Miss Quinceañera USA aims to bring together beauty, a Latin American quinceañera characteristic, and intelligence as one, so that the young ladies become representatives of peace, faith and hope for the whole Latin-American community, and keep the quinceañera tradition alive.

Miss Quinceañera USA was organized to promote the Hispanic tradition of the quinceañera and help create and strengthen awareness in our youth to maintain good grades and become part of the American society while keeping our traditions. Miss Quinceañera USA grants awards for academic performance, volunteer service and spirit of participation; it also rewards public speaking, excellence in talent, modeling, and many more.

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